Fleet management

Transight fleet management solution helps you track vehicles through GPS tracking system, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface. All vital information regarding your entire fleet is available at your fingertips; be it the exact location of each vehicle or real-time fuel consumption. So sit back and relax while we help you streamline your fleet operations.


The Major features:

Track the route travelled, distance covered and average speed of your vehicle during any time period, with additional data on every halt, duration of each halt and their locations.
Spot your vehicle anywhere in the Transight world map, along with information on engine status, speed and fuel level.
If an intruder tries to key in your vehicle or to remove the Transight device, an alarm in your phone will immediately alert you.
In the event of overspeeding you will be immediately alerted, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of rash driving.
See the route travelled, distance covered and average speed of your vehicle during any time period, with additional data on every halt, duration of each halt and their locations
Set a geographic boundary to restrain the movement of your vehicle. Mark checkpoints en-route a journey and get notifications when the vehicle covers them.
With this unique ‘spot vehicle’ facility, get the location and speed of your vehicles at any given point from the past.
For owners of multiple vehicles, Transight offers the option of viewing all of them in a single screen, allowing you to keep tabs on all of them simultaneously.
Transight’s unique fuel sensors keep tab on the fuel level in vehicles and informs you each time your vehicle’s fuel is being refilled.

IOT Generator Management System

Our solution encompasses a remote control capability to enable you to turn your generators on or off from anywhere you have an internet connection. In fact, using our solution, you can automatically schedule specific on and off times. You can monitor fuel levels, fuel consumption, coolant levels, engine temperature and RPMs, abnormal noise levels, power generated, capacity utilization and running hours and detect anomalies.

Use the sensors on your generators to collect crucial information and send it to our IoT platform, via a gateway. We analyze your data, and the resulting information is delivered to your mobile devices. You can use the information for generator health check monitoring, automatic scheduling and predictive maintenance. If a fault is detected, the system will notify you by sending you an email/text notification, alert a monitoring station and/or turn on station alarms.

RFID Based Security System

RFID smart identification system that defines an efficient procedure for security management solution that incorporates the prime applications of tracking, planning.

The system is completely automated while technically working on cloud based storage with GSM/GPRS networks for data transmission. The entire system is very easy to install with a couple of communication devices and smart cards, while everything else is controlled and managed by the Transight Cloud.

Transight has successfully incorporated this solution for Various projects which needs tracking of people for special purpose. One of our prestigious project was to support child security system in Sabarimala.

IoT Based Telecom Tower Management System

The IOT system will bring all the hardware information and support team in a single loop to effectively control the possibility of any downtime and improve the overall efficiency. It works on different Site Parameter Information, Service Engineers GPS Information, and Troubleshooting Reports, to make effective Analytical Statistics for improving the Connected Intelligence.

Transight built the applications in Python Django platform to efficiently manage the big data transactions and bring the precise analytics out of it. Role-based access is provided to ensure multi-level user management. The intuitive, efficient and pleasant web interfaces and mobile application ensures easy navigation and provides a productive workflow for all levels of users.

IoT Based Cold chain Management system

By applying IoT solutions into the cold chain, companies can consistently connect with every step in the logistical process, allowing for cost-optimizing benefits.

Managers can analyze and toggle temperature settings as required, reacting to changes in local climate, damage to packaging, unpredicted delays and even human error. Even in the especially rare cases where temperature errors are recognized but can’t be addressed, the level of insight provided by IoT technologies enables supply-chain managers to react on potential concerns sooner, before they turn into major catastrophes. These abilities remarkably cut down the damage and waste, while improving distributors’ relationships with their clients. The IoT is a huge mixture of billions of networked sensors and devices, many of which have already been executed for supply chain management (SCM).

Business Rover: Field Force Tracking and management

Business Rover is a tracking software that supports employers constantly maintaining a record of each and every individual working under them at all times.

Business Rover is extremely smart and efficient, it instantaneously uploads all required information regarding the monitored phones, locations, message and order details keeping the employees in loop at all times.

Business Rover is an ideal solution for any enterprise that has employees in the field, especially in the sales and marketing domain.

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